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Knee Rehab Exercises Post Surgery

Knee Rehab Ladder Exercises Lateral Stepping

This simple exercise is a great progression in post operative knee rehabilitation exercises. It works on lateral weight shift and stepping with minimal impact loading on the knee. Focus on control of footwork and coordination of stepping. If uncertain if this is appropriate for you, please check with your health care provider.

Knee Rehab Exercise Post Surgery

Try this simple Knee rehabilitation exercise post surgery. Works on lateral weight transfer and coordinating footwork to help return an injured limb to more normal function.


Knee ACL Ligament

I think now there's a strive to return to sports, soccer, whatever it may be. Sometimes, you know, you're going to get back with your running group or your cycling group or whatever it is. And I think the automatic as to want to go back to what we were before, let's say before the pandemic, if we'd been less active during that time. And so the knees are often a joint that takes a lot of the brunt of activity. Sometimes they're often the victim, even if there's problems up or down the chain. And so it's easy to get overuse injuries or knee pain, or sort of ligament injuries can even happen in the knee if you jumped back to activity too quickly.

Are you skiing this Christmas season? Concerned about knee injury? Listen in to hear more about knee ligament injury and how to know if you may have injured your ACL. We are happy to help you- Call us to help you with any injury or prevention for knee injuries.

ACL Knee Injury

Have you had a knee injury? Worried about how badly you damaged it? Have you injured your ACL ligament? Listen in for some simple information for what the ACL is and how it could be torn.

Knee Assessment

Are you a runner? Been ramping up your training? Any aches and pains? If you have tightness or trouble around the outside of your knee that is preventing you from running please listen in. Iliotibial band or ITB syndrome is common in runners and can be quite painful.  Call us with questions. We would be happy to help you overcome this problem and get back to running!

Assessing Your Knee! Do You Have Knee Pain?

This is a simple video looking at how to complete a basic assessment of knee mobility and talking about specific tests we may assess when determining a cause of pain or injury.

Back to school means the start of cross country running season!  Are you getting back into running? Have you Set a plan for more regular runs this fall?  Training for an event? Listen in to our case study on knee pain with running and a simple example of how to resolve knee pain and get back to full running pain free.

Knee Strengthening

Check out our video for a great simple quad stretch you can do at home. This works well especially if you have a stiff knee or cannot do it easily in standing. Call us if you need help with your knee pain or stiffness.

How is your balance? Try our simple balance exercises with suggested professions to help improve your balance and simple movement control to help you in your favourite activity or sport.

This video is taken from a Vancouver sun run training group presentation yesterday by Steven McGee and Andrew To, two of our amazing physiotherapists at Body Works. Aiming to keep you strong and healthy. (2019 Sun Run Training Group) 


Dana Ranahan presented at the Vancouver Sun Run training clinic at Parkgate last night (2019 Sun Run Training Group). 


If you find that you get pain with squatting, one of the good potential contributors could be a result of your mechanics. So a lot of the times, people end up squatting and keep very upright and do all the bending through the knees and all the weight bearing to the toes.

Knee Strengthening - Simple Quadriceps With Theraband Tubing Exercise

Here is a simple exercise to help strengthen the knee at home. Using theraband, you can extend your leg and push into the band. This helps alleviate knee pain and get it stronger!

Knee Strengthening Quadriceps Knee Extensions Open Kinetic Chain Post Surgery

Knee strengthening exercise that is simple to do at home. This simple quadriceps knee extension exercise is easy to do at home and helps get your leg stronger.

Knee Strengthening - Terminal Knee Extension - Helps Walking

This is a simple exercise to help you control knee straightening and assist with returning to a better walking pattern after a knee injury.

Knee Strengthening - Quad Leg Extensions Over Roll

Learn how to control full extension of your knee. This simple strengthening exercise for the quad after knee injury or surgery.