Achilles Tendonitis Pain, North Vancouver

Achilles Tendonitis – How to Lessen Pain and Recover Faster

If you have heel pain or achilles tendonitis or achilles tendon pain, listen in on what to do to help yourself relieve pain and get on the path to recovery.

Hi this is Dana Ranahan from Body Works Sports Physiotherapy and I’m here to talk about achilles tendonitis and what you can do about. We had a video out earlier that talked about what it is and where you could have pain and now I’m going to talk about some things you could do about it. So basically, the achilles tendon as we know is down here in the lower ankle area and a lot of times people get pain in this region. Sometimes it ties heavily to tightness in the calf from over use. So I have a picture here of a muscle and if you take a look at a muscle that becomes shortened or tight, it effectively bunches up and creates more tension on the tendon as compared to a normal muscle in space. So when this happens on our calf, effectively this muscle bunches up and gets really short and tight, it puts more tension through the tendon and you can’t into pain situations. Some of the things you can do for that are using a foam roller stick, you can sometimes use something like this at home, where you could use the stick to help massage out some of the tightness in through the calf and alternately what you could do is you could use a foam roller, a lot of you have these now, where you could use the foam roller to roll out your calf, straight on and playing around with different angles to get to different parts of the calf. And some of these techniques will help release tightness in the muscle and then take some of the tension off the tendon. so usually it helps to alleviate pain. Then we need to work at adding some stretching where we’re going to have the injured side behind us and the knee straight to work on coming forward with a good alignment through your foot and you should feel a bit of stretch through the calf. Now this is something you only do if you’re not having pain in the achilles. So those are a couple basic things you can work on to help relieve tension around the achilles but if you’re having this kind of problem you may need to change also how you’re training and look at some strengthening. So for more information, check out our website or give us a call to set up an appointment and see how we can help you.