Single Leg Balance | Body Works Sports Physiotherapy

Single Leg Balance

Hi everyone,  this is Steven from Body Works Sports Physio here today to talk to you a little bit about balance, as it is something that can be affected as we get older and puts ourselves at risk of falls.

So it’s something we want to make sure that we’re keeping in check and we’re continuing to work on here. So a few exercises. One of which is very simple is just standing and balancing on one leg here and what you want to focus on is keeping the knee in line with your toes, keeping your hips and belt line level, as well as your shoulders, keeping them level as well. It’s not leaning off one way of the other there. So once you can hold that quite easily for about 20-30 seconds, you can start progressing it.

Such as closing your eyes. So you can see as soon as I start to close my eyes, a little bit shakier and again something I need to work on there.

Another way you can progress this is by varying the surface that you’re standing on. So try standing on a pillow. That makes it a bit more unsteady. So I’ll take my shoe off for this one and again if you don’t have this cushion at home, a sofa cushion works quite well as it’s just dense enough to support your body weight.   Good and again, same principles apply. Belt line level, hips level. Keeping the knee in lie with the toes and again, striving for about 20-30 seconds is your goal, target goal for holding all these positions there. Make sure as well that you’re performing these exercises near a counter or a sturdy chair. Something you can hold on to reach just in case.

If you find that you’re having difficulty with your balance, you’re more than welcome to come in and set an appointment and we can continue to work on that. Thanks everyone, have a good day.