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Neck and Shoulder Videos

Rotator Cuff

What is the rotator cuff? How does the rotate cuff work? How does the rotator cuff control shoulder movement? Why did I strain or tear my rotator cuff? Listen in for more information! Call us for more details.

How Do I Resolve Rotator Cuff Pain?

What is the rotator cuff? How does it function? How does the rotator cuff stabilize the shoulder joint? How do I resolve rotator cuff pain? Listen in to answer your questions on the shoulder function and how the rotator cuff functions and gets injured.

Simple Rotator Cuff Exercise for Strengthening the Shoulder

Are you experiencing shoulder pain? Here is a simple exercise you can use the strengthen the rotator cuff muscle that can help with shoulder pain. In pain? Need help?

Shoulder Stability and Exercises

Wall Slides For Shoulder And Upper Back

Do you have shoulder tightness or neck and upper back pain? Try our simple wall slides exercise to help improve mobility, strength and pain.

Shoulder Strengthening With Theraband Laying Down

Do you have shoulder pain? Shoulder Weakness? Listen in for a simple strengthening exercise you can do at home.

Shoulder Pain and Frozen Shoulder

Do you have shoulder pain? Frozen shoulder? Or just a very stiff shoulder that is limiting your function or day to day activities? You may have frozen shoulder that is causing your shoulder pain or shoulder stiffness. Check out our video for some advice.

Upper Back Stretch - Easy and Quick

Upper back stretch to help loosen tight muscles from work or sport and help alleviate upper back pain and neck pain. Give it a try!

Shoulders or Neck Tight?

Try this simple exercise to help move better and feel better! Also, use your core and breathing to help stabilize your neck and back and reduce neck pain and back pain.

Shoulder Stability Mid Trapezius Exercise

The exercise demonstrates how to activate your mid trapezius muscles to work on controlling the shoulder and scapula (shoulder blade) better. This will help you to be more stable and move your shoulders better.

Modified Child Pose Stretch for Shoulder Opening

This video demonstrates a modified child pose exercise aimed at helping to open up shoulder tightness and shoulder pain. Remember to breath into your ribcage and as you breathe out soften into the stretch.

Shoulder Range of Motion

This video will show a range of motion for the shoulder.

Head and Neck Pain

Do you have a tight neck from sitting at your desk all day? Or maybe a slip and fall on the ice and snow? Whiplash?  Here is a quick stretch you can do anywhere to help alleviate tightness in the neck and upper fibres of trapezius muscle.

Do you have tight shoulders or upper back? Listen in for free tips and home exercise for releasing tightness in the upper back and shoulders using a foam roller. You will feel better and move better!


Do you suffer tension or other headaches? Headache pain can be difficult to deal with. Watch to learn a few tips on how to help yourself.

Neck Stabilization Exercise - Laying Down Part 1

This video demonstrates a simple neck stabilization and neck strengthening exercise aimed at helping to improve posture, postural strength, and postural endurance which will help to alleviate neck pain.

Neck Strength-Stabilization for Better Posture & Integrating Vision - Part 2

This video demonstrates a neck strengthening and stabilization exercise leaning against the wall. This exercise is aimed to help strengthen the deep neck flexors of the neck and balance out muscles around the neck to improve posture and alleviate pain.

Neck Strengthening Progression in 4 Point Kneeling - Part 3

This video demonstrates a progression exercise for neck strengthening and stabilization in a position of 4 point kneeling.

Neck Stability and Core Strength - Opposite Arm and Leg Lifts

Here is a great exercise to coordinate neck stability and core strength. Opposite arm and leg lifts over a ball.

Deep Neck Flexor Strength and Mid Back Strength - Middle Fibres of Trapezius

A great and simple exercise to help stabilize and strengthen your neck, as well as using better control through your upper back.

Manual Therapy For Neck Tightness - with Eric

Do you know what Manual therapy is? These are hand on techniques we use to help you move better. This video shows some manual therapy for helping neck pain and tightness, neck stiffness, whiplash to headaches.

Hold the Phone!

How do you hold the phone while you're talking with someone?

Upper Back Stretch

Upper Back Stretch - Modified Child Pose

Modified child pose stretch to open up the upper back and shoulders with breathing. You should not have shoulder pain with this exercise.