Deep Neck Flexor Strength and Mid Back Strength – Middle Fibres of Trapezius

A great and simple exercise to help stabilize and strengthen your neck, as well as using better control through your upper back.

Ok, we’re starting here now to do some mid shoulder blade for the mid fibres of trapezius. In this position, we’re on the ball and we’re working on keeping your chin tucked in and neck long so we maintain a good position through your neck. Now we have the arms ready to raise up at about a 90 degree or T level focusing on thumbs up. Now we’re going to coordinate it with breathing, so we’re going to think about breathing out, as you breathe out lengthening your neck and lifting your thumbs up towards the ceiling keeping your hands just above your shoulders. Let’s give it a go. As you breathe out, good, so maintain that nice angle across the shoulders and neck, thumbs up towards the ceiling, just like you’re hitchhiking, maintaining control. Go again, breathing out, reminding you of your long neck and thumb up towards the ceiling, yeah really rotating that arm up, perfect. Repetitions to fatigue, paying attention to how your neck is holding itself and how your mid back is feeling. Usually about 10-12 repetitions.