Neck Strength Stabilization, Body Works Physiotherapy

Neck Strength and Stabilization for Better Posture and Integrating Vision – Part 2

Here we are at Body Works Sports Physiotherapy and we’re going to demonstrate a technique for strengthening the neck and improving posture for day-to-day life.

In this position, we have Holly standing up against the wall and we have her with her knees bent, so she’s sort of squated and feet are out in front of her, so your lower back and hips are still connected to the wall.

In this position we want to focus on Holly’s ability to look forward, as well as her neck position and her chest position. So here want to think again of nodding in the chin to work the deep neck flexors at the front of the neck and and lengthening or sliding the head up the wall. We want to be able to maintain our focus horizontally, looking straight ahead because this is what we need to do for functions such as driving, walking or using a computer. Then we’re going to relax and let it go and again think about breathing out, softening your chest and lengthening your neck and nod your chin in to work the deep neck flexor muscles and keeping your vision looking straight ahead to work on coordinating with your eyes. In this position, we work on repetition trying to retrain this movement so that we can maintain a better posture and help build some endurance in our neck muscles. So usually we aim to do 10 to 20 repetitions at a time, stopping at fatigue. And then this is a sort of position that we can work on while driving or working at the computer, even though we don’t have a wall behind us in those situations.