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Neck Pain

Do you have neck pain? Referring down into your shoulder? Listen in for a simple upper trapezius activation exercise to help your shoulder and neck posture. Call us with questions or to determine if this appropriate for your needs. We focus on individual assessments and treatment plans to ensure our recommendations are best suited to your needs.

Hope you’ve managed to navigate the snow this week! Have you had a slip and fall or car accident? Listen in for some simple tips to help. If you’ve been injured please don’t hesitate to call us for help. We work to keep you moving and feeling better!

Hi everyone, this is Steven from Body Works Sports Physio, here today to talk to you a little bit about neck pain and sitting posture.

Do you have a tight neck from sitting at your desk all day? Or maybe a slip and fall on the ice and snow? Whiplash?  Here is a quick stretch you can do anywhere to help alleviate tightness in the neck and upper fibres of trapezius muscle.

Neck Stabilization Exercise - Laying Down Part 1

This video demonstrates a simple neck stabilization and neck strengthening exercise aimed at helping to improve posture, postural strength, and postural endurance which will help to alleviate neck pain.

Neck Strength-Stabilization for Better Posture & Integrating Vision - Part 2

This video demonstrates a neck strengthening and stabilization exercise leaning against the wall. This exercise is aimed to help strengthen the deep neck flexors of the neck and balance out muscles around the neck to improve posture and alleviate pain.

Neck Strengthening Progression in 4 Point Kneeling - Part 3

This video demonstrates a progression exercise for neck strengthening and stabilization in a position of 4 point kneeling.

Neck Stability and Core Strength - Opposite Arm and Leg Lifts

Here is a great exercise to coordinate neck stability and core strength. Opposite arm and leg lifts over a ball.

Deep Neck Flexor Strength and Mid Back Strength - Middle Fibres of Trapezius

A great and simple exercise to help stabilize and strengthen your neck, as well as using better control through your upper back.

Manual Therapy For Neck Tightness - with Eric

Do you know what Manual therapy is? These are hand on techniques we use to help you move better. This video shows some manual therapy for helping neck pain and tightness, neck stiffness, whiplash to headaches.

Hold the Phone!

How do you hold the phone while you're talking with someone?