Telehealth and Covid-19 Update

Telehealth success today! We are happy to report a very successful telehealth appointment today with a client who was having pain with her home exercises post car accident. It is very different not being in the same room as your therapist, but the video connection is almost like being in the same room! We were able to watch her movement and determine what was restricting it and also guide her exercise program. She was very excited about this and happy to have more specific information for working with her home exercises.

Please call us if you need help recovering – we are here to help!

Unfortunately, our latest information suggest that we need to prolong our closure for in person visits and so we will be relying on tele-health or video physiotherapy sessions to help guide you through this difficult time. Take good care of yourself out there and we look forward to helping you very soon.

Hi, this is Dana Ranahan from Body Works Sports Physiotherapy in North Vancouver, and I just wanted to reach out to you today to see how you’re doing. Hope you’re doing well, and update you on what’s happening here at the clinic with the Covid-19 situation. There was a release by Dr. Henry, the provincial health officer yesterday, indicating prolonged closures of nonessential healthcare services.

So at this time, we’re going to have to be prolonging our closure in for in-person appointments. However, we’ve been working very hard to provide online tele-health sessions. Now we’ve had really great success with that. Yesterday I had a lady that I worked with and we were able to review her movement, what was driving her pain, give her some exercises and review some strategies for home.

And it was very successful. I think she was very grateful to have that option. So after struggling at home, or do you need any help, please feel free to reach out to us and we’d be more than happy to provide a tele-health online visit. And although it’s unusual, it’s a video conferencing type of call, it is still very easy for us to see your movement and help you interpret what you need to do.

So for more information, check out our website at and we look forward to helping you and please remember to keep your distance. Stay safe out there and keep washing your hands and we hope we all weather this storm well together.