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We are passionate about sharing news and education for you to use at home. Please look through our extensive list of newsletters that we have produced to provide free information on avoiding injury, how to deal with injury and how to strengthen and get back to doing what you love.

Check out our list of Newsletters that we have published for your free use:

Carpal Tunnel Newsletter

Arthritis and Joint Pain

Joint Pain Newsletter


Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Newsletter – Do you have Low Back Pain?

Low Back Pain and Cycling Newsletter March 2016

Backpacks September Newsletter

Lower Crossed Syndrome – What is it?


Running Injuries and Care

Training for the Sun Run?

Running Injuries and Treatments

Plantar Fasciitis Newsletter

Shin Splints Newsletter 

Vancouver Sun Run Talk Presentation on Ankle Injuries, Proprioception and Strength

Achilles Tendonitis Pain and Bursitis

 New Year’s Resolution to get more fit? Careful of Overtraining Syndrome

Osteoarthritis and running Newsletter

Marathon Recovery Tips Newsletter


Sporting Injuries and Injury Prevention Tips

Multisport – change it up newsletter


Top 3 HAMSTRING exercises for Soccer Players to help alleviate Pain and Tightness

 Resistance Bands – Not Just for Your Grandma

How to Set up my Bike – Tips to Avoid Injury and Pain while Riding your Bike

Lower Crossed – What is it? 

Post Exercise Nutrition Tips Newsletter

Achilles Tendonitis,Pain and Bursitis

Concussion Management and Return to Sport


Preventing Overuse Injuries in Golf – Try our Dynamic Warm-up

Dynamic Warm-up for GOLF summer 2014


Christmas Break for Dancers – How to Rest and Not Lose your Best
Getting Back in the Studio September 2015


 Gardening newsletter 2014

Gardening Newsletter  Spring 2015


Baseball Avoid injury with Dynamic Warm-up specific to Baseball


Cycling Injury prevention Tips Newsletter


Ski and snowboard dynamic warm up

General Health and Tips

Physiotherapist’s Role in the Opioid Crisis

Ergonomics 101 – Newsletter – How to Retrain your Body and Change Your Work Station in 5 Easy-Steps

Preventing Burnout -5 Techniques to Help

Car Posture Newsletter – Improve Your Car posture

Hydration Newsletter Body Works

Why Balance Training is Important

Acupuncture, Dry Needling and IMS Newsletter August 2016

Elbow Pain Newsletter

New Year Resolutions Newsletter January 2016

January 2015 New Year’s Resolution to get more fit? Careful of Overtraining Syndrome

Texting Newsletter Body Works Sports Physiotherapy

Hip Knee and Ankle Pain and Tips

Tips for Healthy Hips Newsletter

Why Balance Training is Important

Preventing Falls Newsletter December 2015

Body Works Knee Assessment and Treatment for Common Injuries

Knee pain and Faulty Biomechanics leading to Pain

Physiotherapy Treatment Techniques and Acupuncture/IMS

Acupuncture, Dry Needling and IMS Newsletter August 2016

Grouse Mountain Functional Movement Screen Brochure December 2015/January 2016