Do You Want A Stronger Core? Simple core exercise with a Ball.

Do you want a stronger core? Try this simple core exercise with a ball to be stronger and more able to tolerate the activities of your day and sports.

Hi this is Dana Ranahan from Body Works Sports Physiotherapy, and today I want to show you a core exercise with a ball to help strengthen your core muscles for function.

  • Grab a mat and a ball and come down onto your knees – assuming you’re ok with kneeling.
  • Bring the ball in front of you at a comfortable distance, working on keeping your spine relatively neutral.
  • So knees, hips, shoulders should stay in line. So we don’t want to see you bend like this.
  • With both hands on the ball, roll forward so you’re putting some load down into your arms.
  • You get a bit of force up through the shoulders, but the most important thing here is to use your abdominals to stabilize.
  • Breathe out, engage your abdominals and work forward on the ball, trying to maintain the spine and back in neutral.
  • Breathe out, engage the core, stabilize your spine, roll forward with the ball.

Different people will be able to go different distances. If you start to go too far and can’t control it, you’ll start to break. For more information check out our other core strengthening videos.