Core Strength Exercise – 4 Point Kneeling Arm Weight Shift With Neutral Spine

Do you want a stronger core? Need more core strength to avoid injury or pain? Better core strength, spinal stability, and spinal control translates into better transfer of loads for sport and activity. This makes you stronger and more efficient in your movement, resulting in better performance. A stronger core will also help you prevent injury.

Hi this is Dana Ranahan from Body Works Sports Physiotherapy and I want to work on a core strengthening exercise you can do at home. This time we’re going to work on moving our arms rather than our legs.

The Exercise

  • Coming into a hands and knees position, we want to work first to find a neutral spine position so that our back doesn’t sway around.
  • Then we can use our core muscles in conjunction with some of our back muscles to find a neutral spine.
  • The challenge here is shifting our weight but maintaining the spine neutral, so there’s no movement in the spine.
  • As I breathe out and I’ve engaged my abdominal muscles, maintain my spine position. Try to lift one hand up while maintaining spine neutral so there is no drop happening in the spine.
  • Breathe in. As I breathe out, I engage my core muscles. I work to keep my shoulder and core strong, and my spine neutral while alternating sides.

Working on this will help you build more stability and control of your base movement. Once you master that, we can work on adding more movements as we go.

If you have any more questions, please get in touch.