Core Strength Work Activating Your Outer Core Muscles – Opposite Arm and Leg Lifts

We’re going to do an exercise today to work on strengthening your glute in conjunction with your opposite lats muscle, and this helps you to stabilize for walking and running.

  • We’re going to get you breathing in, then as you breathe out, engaging in through your tummy.
  • Lift one arm, the left arm first and the right leg together. That should help you maintain stability in your spine
  • Breathing in, lower down.
  • Breathe out and lightly pull in your tummy. Soften your chest, lift your right arm with your left leg
  • Breathe in, lower down.
  • Alternate side to side.

Work 10 to 15 repetitions or until fatigue, working on good patterning. Try not to lift the leg too high so you don’t arch your back.