Dead Bug Exercise – Core Strengthening Video

The Dead Bug Exercise is a simple core strengthening exercise, progressed from knee fallouts and knee hinges. Be careful with technique and remember to breathe and activate your core with every repetition.

O.K. so we’re going to do the dead bug opposite arm and leg.

  • Breathing in our core, we get our both legs and arms up like we’re holding a beach ball
  • We’re keeping a 90, 90, 90 between the hips the knees and the ankles
  • Toes up towards you, and keep your knees up towards your chest
  • Now as you breathe in and breathe out, soften your chest, engage your core, straighten one leg and the opposite arm
  • breathe in, come back, maintain neutral
  • breathe out, opposite arm and opposite leg go
  • breathe in, come back to neutral
  • as you breathe out, opposite arm and leg go, and the arm and leg that stay there are staying neutral

You should feel work in your abdominals and it’s important to keep breathing.