Dynamic Hip Stretching with Core

Today we’re going to do some dynamic hip stretching with core activation, using a foam roller.

  • The foam roller is located underneath the hips so it stabilizes the pelvis
  • The lower back should not be painful at all in this position. So if there is any pain, don’t proceed.
  • In this position, work on straightening your legs so your feet are above your hips
  • Then we’re going to work on some scissor motions.
  • Think about breathing. Breathing into the lateral ribs, bringing one leg forward and one leg down.
  • As you breathe out, bring your legs back together engaging your core and your inner thighs.
  • Breathing in, scissoring your legs apart, breathing out engaging your core and bringing your inner thighs and legs back together.

So repeating with breath. You should be getting some softening through your diaphragm as you breathe out. Engage your core, breathe out. Engage your core, inner thighs back together.

We’re also going to add in some sideways scissoring.

  • So the same position now, we’re going to bring the legs side to side.
  • So breathing in, opening the legs apart
  • Breathing out, bringing the legs back in together with your core and inner thighs
  • Breathing in and opening to the side
  • Breathing out and bring the legs back in.

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