Neck Pain when Sitting

Hi everyone, this is Steven from Body Works Sports Physiotherapy. I’m here today to talk to you about a simple exercise for neck pain when sitting.

A lot of people end up getting pain in the back of the neck because they’re working at the computer. Either from sitting in this posture here, or your chin’s forward and you get a bit of a closing down into the back of the neck.

One simple exercise is:

  • Take two fingers, place them just on your chin like so, and then just push your neck or push your chin straight back.
  • You can see how that just lengthens the back of my neck here and just reduces any compression going on in the back of my neck.
  • It can often be quite alleviating for some people with neck pain.
  • So give that a try. Hold it each for about five seconds there and see if that helps your neck pain.

If this doesn’t help, you’re always welcome to come in for an appointment. Thanks everyone, have a good day.