Foot Intrinsics: Big Toe Abduction Isometric

Do you have foot pain? Here’s a foot intrinsic strengthening exercise for your big toe. This will help you control your foot better, transfer load, and maintain better arch position.

The muscle that helps to pull the big toe away runs along the side of the foot and helps to support your arch.

  • You can activate this muscle by trying to push your big toe over towards the other toes and resisting it.
  • Now you can see my muscle popping up here wanting to help. I want to try to keep the rest of my foot out of it and just work on resisting the motion to bring my toe over away from the others.

Try to hold against resistance for about 10 seconds. Don’t push too hard or else you won’t be able to control it. 10 seconds repeat about 10 times and that should help to activate the inner foot and arch.

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