Functional Glut Strengthening Exercise for Runners


As you get back to running on the road, trails, or track here is a functional and effective exercise to help strengthen your gluts.

  1. Stand in front of the wall with band just just above your knees, bend one knee and place foot on wall behind you.
  2. Sink into mini single leg squat by reaching hips towards wall behind you, should feel thigh bone sink back into hip socket.
  3. Hold this as you move bent knee to the side against resistance of the band and maintaining neutral hip, knee and foot position. You should feel the outside hip muscles of the standing leg working hard.
  4. Try and keep foot stable on the ground with knee centred over ankle (not moving in or out).
  5. Repeat 10 reps on each side, for 2-3 sets. Stop if fatigue hits sooner or you are unable to maintain the position.

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