Dynamic Golf Warm-up: Tip #1 – Squats for opening and sinking hips

Dynamic warm-up for golf can improve your game and reduce pain and soreness. Try our dynamic golf warm-up tip #1 – Squats to open the hips and sink back in the socket for a better movement pattern, better strength, and less pain.

Hi this is Dana Ranahan at Body Works Sports Physiotherapy and we’re here today to show you a tip for warming up dynamically before you start golf.

The best thing you can do before you swing a club is a dynamic stretch, or a stretch with movement. One of the simplest things you can start with is doing a squat movement.

  • Have your club ready to go, and simply work on some little squats
  • Focus on sinking your hips back to try to get them loosened up and more mobile

This way when you come to your golf swing position, your hips can be better. Do 10 or 20 repetitions before you start swinging the club.

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