Golf posture Tips

with Ryan Corkal

This video provides some golf posture tips for golfers who are dealing with back pain or injury, and those looking to prevent it.

Do not get into:

  • Overly arched position
  • Overly rounded position more
  • Some people will get really hunched over

The following points can cause golfers to suffer from posture loss during the swing:

  • Poor Flexibility: This stops golfers getting into key positions without altering the spine angle during the swing. In order to rotate around good and stable posture, golfers must have good flexibility in the hips and shoulders.
  • Muscle Stiffness: This can alter good set up posture and force players to change their spinal posture during the swing.
  • No separation of the upper body from the lower body: This allows the shoulders to rotate around the spine without altering original posture.
  • Inability to stabilize the core: The golfer’s ability to stabilize the angle of the spine during the swing. This is directly proportional to the strength and stability of the core muscles (hips and glutes).

One of the most common faults found in amateur golfers is a loss of posture, and it’s been determined 64.3 percent of amateur golfers have a form of posture loss at some stage during the swing