Jumping into the Squad. Exercise with Physitrack

Did you know our Physiotherapists use Physitrack?

Physitrack is a digital healthcare company, and the provider of a solution for patient engagement. It encompasses clinical home exercise and education prescription, outcomes tracking, and Telehealth for physical rehabilitation and prevention. You can follow up on your treatments and exercise progress wherever you are! In your living room or up the mountains with your pets!

Jumping into the Squad

  • Start position is standing with the feet shoulder width apart.
  • Lower into a squat with the knees aligned over the toes. The heels should be on the floor with the back straight and the head upright eyes looking forward.
  • Leap upwards out of the squat by swinging your arms behind you, and extending through the hips, the knees and the ankles to jump as high as possible.
  • Use the motion of the arms swinging forward to carry to the leap upwards
  • Land back into the squat position with the knees bent to absorb the impact to the leg and hips.