Knee Stirs – Core Exercise Progression

Today we’re going to work on a Core Progression exercise called Knee Stirs.

  • In this case we’re going to get you breathing. Breathing in, then as you breathe out, softening your chest and engaging your core while bringing this right knee up towards your chest.
  • Let’s go again, breathing in, breathing out, soften here, a little core just subtle bring the right knee up, keeping the left stable
  • From here now we’re going to work on little movements so as you breathe out soften your chest, engage your core take your leg away, control it, breathing in coming back and around like a circle.
  • Breathe out, core on, breathe in come back and around maintaining the leg neutral.
  • Go again, breathing out stabilizing the other hip so that it doesn’t twist, breath in coming back down.

You can probably do about 6 to 10 repetitions before you hit fatigue, and take a break trying to maintain that breath pattern.