Knee Strengthening Quadriceps Knee Extensions Open Kinetic Chain Post Surgery

Knee strengthening exercise that is simple to do at home. This simple quadriceps knee extension is an open kinetic chain exercise, which is good for strength, but you also need to do some closed chain excesses for functional strength once able.

We’re going to work on a knee strengthening exercise. This is an open chain exercise, but we’re still trying to get a bit of strength in that quadricep muscle post-surgery. We’ve just had the brace off for a little over a week.

  • Working on straightening the leg, pull the toes up, trying to get to full straightening without cheating through your hip.
  • Because the quadricep muscle in your thigh is weak, when you lift the leg you want to lean back through your body.
  • Other ways to do this are sitting in a chair when you have back support.
  • Think about tilting your hip forward — it’s a little harder to straighten, but you’re really making the quadricep work through a full range.

Repetitions to fatigue, maybe do three sets of 10-15 repetitions.