Knee Strengthening – Simple Quadriceps With Theraband Tubing Exercise

Here is a simple exercise to help strengthen the knee at home. Using a theraband, you can extend your leg and push into the band. This helps alleviate knee pain and get it stronger!

Here’s a knee post-surgery. We’re going to do an exercise to progress and work on strengthening the quad into full straightening. Kind of like a leg press or squat motion, but not loaded.

  • We have some theraband around the foot, lying down with the back supported
  • Work on pushing the leg straight, trying to fully straighten the knee, and keep the toes pulled up.
  • This works on helping control the quadricep muscle through range, or strengthening your thigh muscle.

As for repetitions, maybe 20-30. Take a break when you’re fatigued, so you can do three sets of 10-20 repetitions.