Lower Back Twist Reduction Exercise

Here is a strengthening exercise for avoiding a lower back twist during leg lifts. This is a relatively simple exercise to do, but requires core strength and control as someone lifts their leg.

  • Start by laying face down, sometimes with a pillow under your stomach to ensure you don’t overarch the lower back while lifting the leg.
  • Notice how the back twists as we lift the right leg, but when lifting the left leg the back stays more neutral
  • Lifting the right leg in this case is causing some twist in the pelvis, which can lead to lower back pain
  • After previous assessment for this person, we know if he lifts the opposite arm first and uses his core muscles, it helps him to stabilize the lower back and pelvis
  • Our goal is to train the muscles to stabilize the lower back. This way there is less twist, resulting in less back tightness and pain

This exercise is to help retrain the core movement pattern. This way you learn how to use the core properly, helping control functional movement and avoid back pain.

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