Mid back mobility exercise

by Ryan Corkal

Is your mid back stiff or in pain? Physiotherapist Ryan Corkal is here to show you a few stretches to work on your mid back mobility, especially for the golfers out there.

1. Prone thoracic rotation

  • Start on knees and forearms
  • Hips sitting back over feet
  • Place one hand behind the small of your back
  • Raise elbow towards the ceiling as you keep your head overtop of your forearm

2. Open book:

  • Lay on your side with your knees bent to 90 degrees
  • Place bottom hand on top knee to prevent lifting
  • Top hand starts straight in front of you and opens up behind you as far as possible

3. Foam roller thoracic extension:

  • Lay on back with knees bent
  • Place foam roller in between shoulder blades
  • Hands behind head to support your neck
  • Lower elbows and upper body down towards ground until you feel a stretch in your mid-back
  • Keep abdominals engaged to avoid low-back movement

Hopefully these will help increase your mid back mobility and help you move better.

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