Mid-Back Stretch – Child Pose With Rotation And Side Bending

Try our mid-back stretch for loosening up your tight back, shoulders and hips. Do not push through pain. If any trouble, give us a call at Body Works. Happy Stretching and breathing!

We’re starting on the child pose. We’ve already done the modified child pose down on your forearm. Now we’re going to add a bit of rotation and side bend to it to help open up one side.

  • We’re going to bring both hands to one side, and you’re going to think about a bit of a twist and side bend
  • When you drop back into child pose you keep the spine long, don’t let it sink down too much
  • Think about a bit of a rotation towards the ground and lengthening the arm – as long as your shoulder isn’t hurting.
  • So effectively, you should feel some length across this whole left side now.
  • Come back up again and try the other direction. One side will be a little harder.
  • When you’re in this stretch position, try and think about breathing in to wherever the tension point is in through the back so you can create some expansion between the ribs
  • As you breathe out try sinking your hips back a bit and lengthening the arm.

You don’t want to do it if you’re getting back pain, knee pain, hip pain, groin pain or any shoulder trouble. If you are we’d have to modify it for you, but that’s a nice stretch to open up through the mid back.