One Minute Solution For Tight Shoulders – With Pressure Points

Do you have tight shoulders from a long day or week at work? Try our one minute solution for tight shoulders. Check out our video to find out how.

This is Dana Ranahan from Body Works Sports Physiotherapy. Do you get tight shoulders at work and wish you had something you could do about it? Quick solution is to grab a little ball.

This is a pressure point ball that we use in the clinic. You could also use a tennis ball or something like that. We’re going to use the ball to do some release work though our chest, because very commonly we get tight in our PEC muscle which runs across the chest. We tend to think of rolling out tightness like self massaging, but sometimes what’s more helpful is finding a pressure point and pushing on it with a steady pressure to get the muscle to let go.

When we’re on the computer, driving, chopping vegetables, etc., these muscles tend to get quite tight. So grab your ball and find a wall. I like to do it near the edge of the wall, or a corner if possible.

  • Place the ball between your pectoral muscle and the wall
  • Move around until you find a tight spot. It will be tender, but shouldn’t be extremely painful
  • Lean into it and breathe, thinking of the muscle softening and melting under the pressure of the ball
  • Once it feels a bit looser, you can then do a bit of rolling to massage it with the ball

So it should take 30 seconds to a minute to do a release, and it should feel like it opens up your mobility. Give this quick exercise a try at home or work, and if you need more information, give us a call.