Pressure Point Release With Small Ball Into Buttock; Specifically Gluteus Muscles and Piriformis

Today we’re going to a pressure point release with our pressure point ball. Demonstrating this technique is Holly, who’s a Field Hockey player and has some tightness in through her hip.

So Holly is sitting on a little blue ball here and we’ve got the pressure into the buttocks focusing on her gluteus muscles and her piriformis muscles.

  • To start the release, just sit with pressure into the tight spot
  • When you put the ball in there you often find one or two main spots that are quite tender. Those are the spots we want to release with pressure first.
  • You can hold it for 20 or 30 seconds and then work on some movement; rolling around a little bit to create some mobility in the tissue and try to get some release in the muscle somewhat like a self-massage.
  • Now you can play with different positions here. Holly is quite upright, resting on her arms. You can also lean back onto your elbows, or turn a little bit on the side of the buttock, depending on where you need to get at.

You might have to modify this a little bit to suit your individual needs.