Shoulder Blade Push-Ups For Shoulder Girdle Stability

Here is a simple shoulder blade push-up exercise for controlling the shoulder girdle and shoulder blades on the ribcage. This allows better force transfer and load though the shoulder. Give it a try and let us know how you make out.

Hi this is Dana Ranahan from Body Works Sports Physiotherapy in North Vancouver. Today I want to show you a shoulder blade push-up exercise for strengthening your shoulder and shoulder blade area.

Getting control of where your shoulder blades are on your ribcage is very important to shoulder stability. This is a great exercise for it, and will help all of you wanting to do push ups and planks and so on, to work on better shoulder control.

  • Bring arms in front of you at the wall, roughly at shoulder height
  • We’re going to work on a nice alignment facing the mirror.
  • Work on a little shoulder blade push-up, basically just wrapping the shoulder blade around the ribcage coming back and coming in
  • Usually I’d be facing forward the whole time I’m doing that, working on controlling the shoulder blade on the rib cage.
  • So we would call this a shoulder blade push up. You’re working on control.
  • We don’t want the shoulder to hike up, we want to keep it in line, with each side together when you’re working it.

Work to fatigue, so its not about repetitions, but about duration. So maybe do this for 30 to 60 seconds before you take a rest.

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