Shoulder Exercise for Tightness

Try this simple shoulder exercise for tightness to help you move better and feel better! Also, use your core and breathing to help stabilize your neck and back and reduce pain.

After you’ve done your warm up with your breathing and engaging your core, you’re going to work on a shoulder exercise for tightness, involving moving the arms over head while breathing out.

  • On your back with your knees up, the arms are at 90 degrees and shoulders engaged into the rib cage
  • as you breath out you’re going to soften your ribs first
  • so breathe in, breathe out soften the ribs, the arms come up over head, don’t allow the chest to pop up,
  • breathe in, come back to 90 degrees.
  • As you breathe out, letting the chest soften, arms come up over head, trying to get a bit of a stretch in the shoulder blades
  • breathe in, come back to 90.
  • Then as you breathe out, remember to keep the neck long, soften the chest, arms up overhead.

And you can repeat this for 10 to 20 repetitions until you start to feel a good connection to the pattern and a bit more mobility in your shoulders.

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