Shoulder Stability Mid Trapezius Exercise

This is a shoulder stability exercise for the mid trapezius using an exercise ball.

  • Set up in a hands-and-knees position over the ball, where you’ve got your tummy on the ball
  • Make sure your neck is long and your chin tucked in, maintaining some length
  • Lift your hands with the palms forward and thumbs pointing up with your hands just above the shoulder
  • From here, we’re going to bring the arms up towards the ceiling as you breathe out, working that mid trapezius muscle
  • Breathing in lowering down, trying to maintain a good position on the forearm.
  • As you breathe out we’re going to lift the arms up towards the ceiling
  • Breathe in, lower down maintaining that neck position

Work to fatigue. When you start having trouble controlling your shoulders, take a rest.

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