Shoulder Strengthening With Theraband Laying Down

Do you have shoulder pain? Shoulder Weakness? Watch now for a simple strengthening exercise you can do at home.

Hi this is Dana Ranahan from Body Works Sports Physiotherapy in North Vancouver and today I’m here to show you a strengthening exercise that you can work on at home. Do you have shoulder weakness or shoulder pain? This is a great exercise, it’s easy to do at home and will help you function better in the day with less shoulder pain.

So grab a little piece of Theraband and you can get different strengths of Theraband, this one is sort of a moderate strength, it’s a green one and I’m going to lie down on my bed, so at home you could lay on the floor, and with this band, we’re first going to work at bringing your arms up in line with your shoulders, so it’s kind of vertically stacked, your hand is right over the shoulder and you’re going to face the palms in towards each other.

Now we really want to check on where your shoulder is in space first because we don’t want our shoulders to be sitting high. We want to work on our shoulders being able to pull back down into the bed, so that we’re not sticking our chest forward but pulling the shoulder back and then once the shoulder is back, we’re going to work on bringing the bands away from each other, so effectively pulling apart the band. Ok.

With this we want to maintain our neck in neutral, work on repetitions of ten to fifteen depending on fatigue, trying to control that shoulder position and then taking a rest. So you can aim to doing two or three sets of ten and this is a nice strengthening exercise to work on at home.

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