Single Leg Bridging Runners Drill – Gluts and Core

We’re going to work on a single leg bridging drill, working on alternate legs. This is great for getting back to some running or walking activities.

The Exercise

  • Lie on your back with your knees up and a ball placed between them.
  • Work on breathing in, then as you breathe out, softening your chest and engage your core
  • Lengthen your tailbone as if to lift your hips up, keeping the ball in between your knees in place
  • Then take a second breath, breathe in, lift up a little bit more keeping your back neutral, soft through your chest, engaging your core.
  • You should feel like your back’s lifted up.
  • Now breathe in, as you breathe out soften your chest, engage your core, and lift one leg straight, keeping the knees in line, maintaining a neutral pelvis.
  • Breathe in, come back down, as you breathe out maintaining your core, softening your breath opposite leg working on stability
  • Straighten that left leg when you’re ready on the breath out
  • Breathe out, soften, straighten, maintain neutral trying to keep the pelvis level.

This is a great single leg bridging drill for beginning runners. Work on repetitions to fatigue, and then you’d lower down one vertebrae at a time.