Single leg squat test

Exercise with Quinn Turner

Ski season isn’t over yet! Keep your legs strong and ready for the rest of the season with single the leg squat test. This simple exercise can help you to assess your leg strength and identify any imbalances that may need to be addressed before hitting the mountain.

  • Stand on one leg while the other leg is lifted off the ground in front of the body so that the hip is flexed to approximately 45° and the knee of the non-stance leg flexed to approximately 90°.
  • The arms are held straight out in front, with the hands clasped together.
  • From this position, squat down until about 60° knee flexion, then returns to the start position.
  • You’re going to be trying to do here is look more for asymmetries
  • If you start noticing that one side is falling behind by a couple of repetitions, it would be a good idea to get assessed