Ski Fitness Tip #6 – Lateral Lunge

Hi, I’m Taylor McCabe, physiotherapist here at Body Works Sports Physiotherapy in North Vancouver. This is the seventh video in a series of exercises to get your body ready for ski season. Now ski season is really only a couple weeks away so it’s time to get off the floor, off the wall and put together everything we’ve been working on in the lateral lunge. I’m going to show you two versions of this exercise.

Version One

In the first lateral lunge, your weight is going to be one foot while the other one is on a towel. You’re going to lower down into your lunge, and your other leg is going to stay straight and slide out to the side, then come back up to the start.

Version Two

In version two, you’re going to have your weight on the foot that is on the towel, this time pushing away from your planted foot, dropping into your lunge and then returning to the start.

Ok, a couple of things to keep in mind for both versions:

  • You want to make sure you are synchronizing your breath with the movements to avoid breathing with the tension.
  • Make sure your bending knee is lining up over your second toe.
  • When you lower down, really think about that crease in the front of your hip, sticking your tailbone back and your sit bones staying nice and wide as you lower into the lunge.
  • And finally, getting the power from your glutes to bring you back up to the starting position.

We are going to have a few more videos coming your way on balance training as well as a good dynamic warm up and cool down for skiing. These will be presented by Jamie Snow. I hope you found these exercises helpful, dare I say fun. I had fun showing them to you, thank you so much for watching.

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