Ski Fitness Tip #7 – Balance Training

Hi, this is Jamie from Body Works and I’m just following up with some of the videos that Taylor has done on ski conditioning.

What I want to talk about today is just a little bit of balance training that you can start before you get into the ski season. So there’s a couple main things you want to think about when you’re working on your balance; one thing is to let the area that you’re trying to work, let it do the work so basically what you want to see when you’re balancing is if you’re doing a one foot balance you want to make sure the arms and the legs stay quiet and the ankle and the foot actually do the balancing for you, so that’s one thing that you’re going to try to carry through.

The other thing is you don’t want to stare at your feet while you’re doing your balance, pick a spot further away, for skiing the further away you’re looking the better off you’re going to be and you can kind of try to transfer that into your balance work here. So I’ll give you three progressions; the first one that you’re going to do is a single foot stance with no surface to deal with, so the single foot stance what you’re going to do is 3 repetitions, 30 second holds and once you get comfortable with that you can move on the next, the next exercise.

So at the clinic here we have these soft foam pads but what I usually ask people to use at home is just couch cushions and you can pull them off the back of the couch and basically what that does is gives you an unstable surface to balance on, so you’re going to use the same parameters 3 x 30 seconds and you’ll just find when you balance on this you don’t really get the foot to stay still and it makes you work a little bit more adjusting yourself.

Once you’re comfortable with that the most difficult of them will be doing the balance on the upside down Bosu ball and so in this one what most people find is it’s got quite a bit of movement to it so when you stand on it you can actually wobble around quite a bit. When you first get on it what you normally notice is that it wobbles around side to side quite a bit, once you get comfortable with it will just kind of settle down and then you’re in this position, so what you’re going to try to do, same thing 3 x 30 seconds on the Bosu ball as long as you’ve mastered the other ones. So that’s it for the balance stuff and the progressions.

If you have any questions or anything let us know at the clinic and that’s it for now.