Ski Season Preparation –  Quarter Squats, Balance and Lateral Movement

Hi this is Dana from Body Works Sports Physiotherapy, and I want to come back to getting ready for ski season. We’re going to do some quarter squats, working on balance and lateral movement.

So even though it’s nice sunny weather here and a late fall, we want to talk about how to get strong for skiing and snowboarding this year. We’ve already posted a video working on some squats and wall squats. Our next step is to start some balance work for and the ability to transfer weight, This will help you carve when you’re on the slopes.

Quarter Squats

  • So first thing is we want you to get onto one foot.
  • Try to maintain a nice neutral alignment of your pelvis and a nice neutral alignment of your spine so you don’t feel like you’re shifting or twisting through your pelvis.
  • When you’re there, imagine you’ve got your poles or your arms here to help balance, and we’re going to work on little quarter squats.
  • Try to keep the alignment of your knee tracking over the second toe and your hips staying in line.

The next thing you could do add a horizontal step to the other side. I’ve got some uneven ground here so it makes it a little more challenging for me.

So we do the same thing: working on some quarter squats and working back to the other side. Work on this lateral movement and quarter squats, lateral movement and quarter squats. This will engage some glute work, balance work, and control for your alignment. And you can have a little bit of fun because you can do it wherever you are.

So we’re out here on a trail doing it, or you could do it in a gym or at home. If you have any other questions, or want more information, you can check out our website or give us a call.

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