Spinal Stability: The Core in 4 Point Kneeling

The 4 point kneeling position (hands and knees) is an alternate position to work on strengthening and activating your core. This is less supportive than lying on your back, but very important for learning to control the spine against gravity.

The Exercise

  • Set up in the hands-and-knees position with hips over your knees, and shoulders over your hands with elbows relatively straight
  • Think about a straight spine as a starting point to try and find neutral
  • Soften through the mid back and think on lengthening the neck while maintaining the chin tuck
  • Breathe into the lateral rib cage, expanding towards the elbows
  • As you breathe out, soften the chest and lift the belly button toward the spine, keeping the neck and upper back neutral

This is a 4 point kneeling technique that we use to work on trying to find neutral. This allows your brain to recognize where it is, and learn how to get there and maintain the position.

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