Squat Knee Pain

Hi everyone, this is Steven from Body Works Sport Phsyio, here today to talk to you about squatting and knee pain. So if you find that you get pain with squatting, one of the good potential contributors could be a result of your mechanics. So a lot of the times, people end up squatting and keep very upright and do all the bending through the knees and all the weight bearing to the toes.

So you can see as I do that, I put a lot of sheer force, a lot of pressure to the knees which can be a bit agitating. So the next time you squat, try thinking about keeping more weight through your heels and bending a little bit more through the hips. So looking like so. You can see my knees travel much less forward in this position. Putting much less pressure in through the knees.

So give that a shot. See if it takes away some of that pain in your knees while you’re squatting and if it doesn’t feel free to come in to see us and we can see if we can fix that up for you. Thanks everyone. Have a good day.