Strengthening with Simple Squat and Coordinating with your Core

Hi, this is Dana Ranahan at Body Works Sports Physiotherapy in North Vancouver. I’m here today to show you a functional progression of our core exercise series. In our previous videos we’ve shown you how to work on breathing diagrammatically and activating your inner core muscles and coordinating them together. Now we want to work on using that same sequence with a function exercise such as a squat and this is something that will help you become stronger with getting in and out of your chair, getting up and down the stairs and general leg strength.

So today, we have a ball that we’re using on the wall and I want to set myself up in front of the ball so that my feet are level in front and the ball is in between my shoulder blades towards my waist area and in this position I want to be sure that I’m sort of in a good posture, now were going to work on the same mechanism while we’re thinking about breathing laterally into the rib cage and as I breathe out softening the chest, engaging my core muscles and sinking down into a squat, breathing in come back up.

So this way we’re adding a core sequence where we think about breathing out, engaging the core, sinking down, and breathing in come back up. In this case you’d work to repetitions till fatigue, maybe ten to fifteen repetitions and repeat two or three sets.

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