Modified Child Pose – Upper Back Stretch

Today we’re going to do a Modified Child Pose to perform an upper back stretch.

  • Get your hands lined up so that the long finger lines up with the elbow, elbows are in close underneath your shoulders, the neck is long, the chin is tucked in, and hips are back over the knees.
  • Come back with your hips over your heels as if you are going into a Child Pose, but trying to maintain the form position giving a nice stretch into through the back of the shoulder blades.
  • Keep the head tucked in so you’re also getting a little stretch in through your upper back.
  • We’re going to work in this position by breathing into the tension.
  • You can breathe into your arm pits trying to expand laterally, or breathe into the upper back trying to expand up in between the shoulder blades
  • As you breathe out. soften and allow the sternum to let go towards the ceiling.

Then you can hold the stretch for 30 to 45 seconds then take a break and repeat. I usually recommend repeating three or four times.