Tibialis Posterior Muscle Strengthening Exercise with Theraband


The Tibialis posterior muscle is important in how the arch of our foot functions in walking and running. Weakness in this muscle is linked to overuse injuries like shin splints. Body Works Sports Physiotherapy’s own Physiotherapist Dana Ranahan demonstrates an EASY way to strengthen this muscle from the comfort of your own home!

1) Get a piece of theraband.

2) Attach the band around the inside of your foot. Try tying the resistance band around the base of a chair or couch. You shouldn’t need much tension on the band as the goal is for controlled movement.

3) Point your toe down and inwards, maintaining the knee neutral.

4) Control the return of the band back to neutral.

5) Repeat to fatigue, with a focus on controlling the movment well.

6) Aim for 2-3 sets of 10-20 repetitions.

Once you’ve nailed this basic Tibia’s Posterior exercise, your physio can help you progress towards exercises which target this muscle in weight bearing, with a focus towards developing amazing arch control and strength. Do you suffer from shin splints or ankle/foot pain?

Book in to see one of our physiotherapists at Body Works for an individualized assessment and treatment plan or contact us for more information.