Upper Back Stretch – Easy and Quick

Upper back stretch to help loosen tight muscles from work or sport, and help alleviate upper back and neck pain. Give it a try!

Hi this is Dana Ranahan at Body Works Sports Physiotherapy. I’m just wrapping up my day, thinking of a quick stretch I should do before I head home. This is something you might want to try. Often we get tight through our shoulders and upper back from working at the computer, or for me, working on people during the day.

Upper Back Stretch

  • Reach up over head, keeping your chin in and your neck long
  • You can grab hands together, if you like, and worke on a side bend stretch – trying to get some opening along the upper back.
  • With the side bend, think about lengthening through the top arm
  • So breathing in, get some opening through your lungs
  • As you breathe out, lengthening the top arm to get a nice stretch through here
  • Then you can switch the other way.

This is a great stretch to free you up before you head home. Give it a try and have a great day.

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