Do You Have A Weak Core? Watch Now for a Simple Core Strengthening Exercise

Do you want a stronger core to help you perform better and alleviate pain? Try our simple core strengthening exercise at home with an exercise ball.

Hi this is Dana Ranahan from Body Works Sports Physiotherapy in North Vancouver, and today I want to show you a core exercise using a ball.

A lot of you out there are looking for core strength. A stronger core helps you look better and be stronger for sports and athletics. If you have a ball, this is a great exercise to try at home, and it also helps to strengthen the shoulder girdle.

The Exercise

  • Grab your ball and get on your knees
  • You’re going to face the ball square, so your pelvis and hips are even across the front
  • We’re going to put both hands on the ball at shoulder height
  • Roll the ball forward, trying to work on maintaining the spine in neutral position.
  • Now when you go forward, I also want you to breathe out.
  • So arms on the ball, as you roll forward breathe out, engage your abdominal muscles and breathe in and come back up.
  • Go forward as much as you can control, but we don’t want to see you sticking your butt out or swaying your back forward. You want to be able to maintain the spine neutral.
  • Hands on the ball, abdominals in, breathe out, roll forward, breathe in and come back and we repeat, breathe in and come back.

With this exercise, you can work to fatigue with good technique. So aim to do eight to ten repetitions in a row if you are able to, and repeat two to three sets.