Wrist Pain Strengthening Exercises

So one of the exercises for strengthening the wrist that we’re going to get Donna working on is working on pulling down into a palm down position. So we have the tubing, I’m holding onto it, but Donna would fix it onto the door knob or something secure at home and she can work on rotating her palm down towards the floor and the tubing will give her some tension to give resistance. Now we can increase the tension to make it harder or you can lessen the tension to make it easier for Donna so she doesn’t have to work so hard. It kind of depends on how she feels. The biggest thing is that we want her to go through the full range of motion as she’s able. So if it’s too tight and she can’t make it all the way you want to make the tension lighter.

The other thing to pay attention to is that we have Donna’s elbow tucked in towards her waist so we don’t get whole arm movement happening, that the arm focuses on the rotation here and her wrist joint stays in neutral. She’s not twisting her wrists to achieve that rotation.

Now we also know that Donna has trouble going the other way, so we are going to get her working on turning up, so this way you can hold on to it Donna and if you want you can work on the rotation up now and pulling this way. Yeah, in this hand, just hold on – so we’ll just watch your right wrist stays neutral. That might be a little too tense, so lets just shorten it up a little bit coming back to neutral and working back through a full slow circle all the way turning up and keeping your elbow at your side. Good. With these exercises we are aiming for repetition and trying to work on probably 10 to 15 repetitions or until we start to get tired – a quick rest then go again for 3 sets or so.

Thank you

And now we are going to do a wrist flexion exercise.

In this position we have the forearm and elbow resting on the persons thigh and we want to maintain the forearm in a neutral position so the wrist and forearm look like they’re in a straight line. We also have the band attached to the foot and we can work now by bringing the hand towards the ceiling against gravity into the tubing to create some resistance and strengthening the forearm. Here we have the hand just past the knee so it can work into some wrist extension or the hand falling down towards the floor and then pulling up slowly against gravity. Again repeating to fatigue, aiming for 10 to 20 repetitions, taking a short break then three sets.

Now we’re going to add a wrist extension exercise. In this position we have the palm facing down the forearm is still resting on the thigh and the tubing is still connected underneath the foot. Here we’re now lifting against gravity and strengthening our wrist extensors which is an important muscle that we use day to day with many functions. Here we’re going to work slowly against gravity pulling up to the limit of our mobility and slowly lowering down.