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What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession dedicated to working with people of all ages to identify and maximize their ability to move well and enable them to participate in the activities they enjoy.

As a primary caregiver, a physiotherapist can assess, diagnose, and treat your injury through a combination of methods that may include:

Education plays a very important role in physiotherapy. The goal of physiotherapy is to return you to your optimal function and strength, while educating you about your injury.

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Education plays a very important role in physiotherapy.

As physiotherapists, we educate our clients to help them:

  • understand their injury,
  • learn how to independently maintain a healthy body without the  constant supervision of a therapist,
  • learn to how to prevent re-injury or re-occurrence of symptoms, and
  • learn to help prevent future decline from participating in the activities they love.

The physiotherapists at Body Works Sports Physiotherapy have a high level of post-graduate training in physiotherapy, as well as extensive experience treating numerous types of injuries.  For more specific information on our physiotherapists, please go to Our Therapists page.  To learn more about our specific methods, please go to How We Work.

For further overall information on Physiotherapy, including training, scope of practice and treatment methods, please visit the Canadian Physiotherapy Association’s website or the Physiotherapy Association of BC website.

Dana Ranahan, Business Owner and Physiotherapist at Body Works Sports Physiotherapy has had the privilege to do presentations to the local business and sporting community on topics ranging from “What is Physiotherapy” to how to golf better without pain.  Here is an example of a presentation that Dana provided on “what is Physiotherapy”:

What is Physiotherapy? A Presentation to Business Networking group (BNI) Quayside) Sept 2016

What is Physiotherapy slide presentation

A Slide from the presentation Dana provided to BNI on What is Physiotherapy