Pilates Reformer Intro | Body Works Sports Physiotherapy

Pilates Reformer Intro

Introduction to the Pilates Reformer – as we use it in the Physiotherapy clinic

Hi this is Dana Ranahan from Body Works Sports Physiotherapy in North Vancouver and I’m here today with a pilates reformer. I’m going to just show you a very basic exercise that you can work on either with a reformer or you can do something similar at a lot of gyms on a shuttle which is very similar where you lie down. So in this position I’m going to lie down, bring my feet in line with my hips and knees so that my heels are on the foot bar and I want to lie down so my spine is relatively straight. Before I start, I’m going to do a little bit of breathing work to be sure I’ve got my core activated, so breathing in, breathing out, ensuring I can tighten my core muscles and I’m going to use that as I move. So I’m going to breathe in as I come up, breathe out, core and sink my hips. So I’m using my leg muscles but I’m also coordinating it with the core and in this way we can do it repetition wise and breathing in, breathing out, softening your breath, engage your core, sink in and use your leg muscles. So we retrain repetitious motion with breath using our core while we’re strengthening our legs. This is a great tool for you guys to do to get some stronger legs and be sure that you’re using your core. If you have any other questions, give us a call 604-983-6616.