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Posture Tips Videos

Posture Tips

Do you struggle to keep good posture throughout the work day, while using your phone or devices, or while driving for prolonged periods? Listen to our video and try the posture medic brace to see if it can help you achieve your goals and retrain your muscles to hole better posture and alleviate pain.

Do you have lower back pain or hip pain with sitting all day at work? driving? Listen in for some tips on how to correct sitting posture and maintain it to help alleviate pain or tightness from occurring.

Today I want to talk about a little bit more advanced balance exercises that are more useful for sporting activities or physical activity depending on what you’re doing, hiking, biking, running.

Do you get tired or sore from sitting all day at computer? Driving prolonged? Learn how to breathe better and improve postural endurance and less neck pain and back pain for good!

Balance Training-Simple Tips To  Work On Better Balance And Prevent Injury

Balance is a simple but an important part of good movement. With good balance, body control and position sense, we can move better and coordinate better for sport and for day to day activity. And lessen injury or pain. Try our simple tips for working on simple balance control.

Posture Break Tip #1 – Help Alleviate Neck Pain At Work

Check out our Posture Break Tips Video #1 for some great and basic tips on keeping your posture better and alleviating neck pain and back pain and headaches.

Posture Break Tip #2

Do you sit at a computer all day? Watch this video to show you how to feel better and be more productive – just taking a posture break every 30-60 minutes can help. Helps alleviate neck pain, headaches, back pain and all the of the other troubles that happen when we sit all day.

Do your eyes hurt or get tired at the end of a work day? Neck pain?
How to Sit

Here is a video that demonstrates proper sitting technique. This technique will help you avoid lower back and hip pain, as well as neck pain and headaches, as examples, from prolonged sitting at work or home on the computer.

Sitting Posture and Deep Neck Flexor

The video demonstrates how to incorporate deep neck flexor strengthening into sitting posture at work. Included is shifting the buttocks back in the chair to help centre the pelvis under the spine as a means of better base of support.