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Pressure Point Videos

Pressure Point Release Work

Small Ball Pressure Point Release
Pressure point or trigger point balls that we can use to release tension in the body.
Pressure Point Release With Small Ball Into Buttock

Here we are demonstrating a pressure release exercise using a small ball into the buttock muscles, specifically gluteus maximum, gluteus medium, gluteus minimum and piriformis.

Pressure Point Release of Hip: Tensor Fascia Latae Muscle

Here we are demonstrating how to release your tensor fascia late muscle which is at the outside of the hip.

Pressure Point Release Hip - Psoas - Hip Flexor

This video demonstrates how to do a pressure point release for the deep hip flexor.

Pressure Point Release Shoulder

Here we are showing how to release tight muscles around the shoulder.

Pressure Point Release

Pressure point release techniques to help alleviate back pain.