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Core Strength – Four Point Kneeling With Heel Slides

Do you want to improve your core strength? Be able to stabilize your back and pelvis better for activity? Check out our core strengthening exercises focusing on stability of your spine in neutral while you slide your heel backwards and stabilize at the other hip and spine. Hi this is Dana Ranahan from Body Works […]

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Do you have Jaw Tightness or Pain? Clicking Jaw?

Do you have jaw pain? headaches? Does your jaw click when you open it? Do you notice you clench your jaw or your dentist tells you that you are clenching and wearing your teeth? These can all relate to poor jaw alignment and control of the jaw movement. Listen in for a simple self test […]

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Balance Progressions In Tandem Stance

Do you want to perform better and avoid injury with sport or activity? Better balance reactions can help. Try our simple balance progression in tandem stand to help improve your balance reactions, which will ultimately help your performance and lessen chance of injury or falls. Hi this is Dana Ranahan from Body Works Sports Physiotherapy […]

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How Sleep Can Affect Your Health

Do you have trouble sleeping? Insomnia is very common and you are not alone. However, poor sleep quality can lead to health problems. Having insomnia can make you up to 5 times more likely to have health issues. And at least 50% of people with chronic pain have problems sleeping, with some research suggesting that […]

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Shoulder Mobility With Wall Slides

Do you have tight shoulders and upper back?  Try our simple shoulder mobility wall slides to help mobilize your shoulders and upper back.  Great to do quickly in the middle or the day or anywhere you can find a wall. Hi, this is Dana Ranahan from Body Works Sport Physiotherapy in North Vancouver and today […]

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