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Relief For Tired Eyes – Try Palming

After a long week of work, are your eyes tired or dry? Having trouble focusing on the screen or your favourite book? Try Palming – it can help to relax muscles around the eyes and improve lubrication in the eye, assisting with fatigue, strain and dry eyes. It also may help to reduce headaches. Hi […]

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Do You Want to Get Fit and Lose Weight?

Do you want to get fit or lose weight? This time of year people often start back to the gym or begin a training program in full force to try and get fit and/or lose weight. Listen in to our video for some basic tips before you start a new exercise program to help you […]

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Running With Knee Pain?

Back to school means the start of cross country running season! Are you getting back into running? Have you Set a plan for more regular runs this fall? Training for an event? Listen in to our case study on knee pain with running and a simple example of how to resolve knee pain and get […]

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Shoulder Flexion Mobility In Supine For A Stiff Shoulder

Do you have a stiff shoulder? Tight lat muscles? Have you had shoulder surgery and trying to get it moving better? Try our simple shoulder mobility exercise focused on improving shoulder flexion mobility and making it easier to lift your arm hight for day to day needs. Okay, we’re going to do a little video […]

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